Are you looking for a big Christmas tree for your garden or premises that takes little time to set up? Look no further than the Fairybell® Christmas lights.

Fairybell® Christmas trees are sustainable, easy to set up, and last for years and years. Thanks to a new system, our trees are now even more sustainable and easier to set up. The globally patented Fairybell® Christmas trees are manufactured in-house in the Netherlands, guaranteeing a consistently high quality.

The Fairybell system can best be described as fairy-like illumination in the shape of a Christmas tree, comprising hundreds to even thousands of LED lights.

Fairybell Christmas trees are available in various shapes and sizes.

Fairybell – Door trees:
Decorate your door in minutes with this magnificent Christmas tree.

Fairybell  Wall trees:
Put up a beautiful Christmas tree on your façade, fence, or business premises. Ranging from 2 up to 8 metres! Installation complete within minutes.

Fairybell  Christmas trees for any garden:
Unique Christmas trees for every garden that can be placed anywhere, creating a wonderful effect. Thanks to the included mast, each tree is solid as a rock, spreading the holiday spirit within minutes.

Fairybell  Flagpole Christmas trees: 
Flagpole Christmas trees: raise your Christmas tree just as easily as you raise a flag. It only takes 30 minutes to create a 6, 8 or even 10-metre high Christmas tree, utilising up to 4000 LED lights.

Patented, sustainable, high-end products
The patented Fairybell system allows you to create the quintessential Christmas atmosphere within minutes, setting everyone’s imagination and cheer abuzz. The Fairybell® system comes in variety of light versions and ranges from 2 to 10 metres in height.

No flagpole? No problem!
You don’t have your own flagpole? In that case you should opt for one of the Fairybell® trees of up to 6 metres. These come with their own mast and ground peg. If you prefer a larger model, we can provide a 6 or 8-metre sectional aluminium flagpole for the 6 and 8 metre Fairybells. Using a ground sleeve, you can stack the sections to build a very stable flagpole wherever you want (and you can even use it for a flag!). If you are looking for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere for outdoors, we suggest you go for Fairybell® Christmas lighting.

Fairybell, Made In Holland since 2018
The Fairybell collection has been manufactured completely in the Netherlands since 2018. After many years of development work, a semi-automated production line was constructed, enabling the manufacture of the trees to return to the region where it all started for Fairybell. All Fairybell models have been renewed and updated for an improved user experience and life. Due to improved European quality control and controlled production process, we are able to offer a 3-year warranty on all Made in Holland Fairybell models.