Step into a magical world and celebrate the festive season with Fairybell®. Our unique LED Christmas trees bring a festive cheer to your in- and outdoor space where joy, warmth and happiness come together; the Christmas spirit at its best! This season, Fairybell® goes brighter than ever before. The new collection is extended with even more sizes, colours and LED lights and a grand masterpiece with 8000 LED lights. Fairybell® Christmas trees create an enchanting scene for each type of area: a garden, front yard, balcony, terrace or indoor space. Thanks to a new system, our trees are incredibly easy to set up and take down.

The patented Fairybell® LED Christmas trees are produced and developed in the Netherlands, guaranteeing a consistently high quality. The Fairybell® trees are available in different light variants and in various heights; 1.5 metress to12 metress. The Christmas lights vary from hundred to thousand LEDs which are highly energy efficient. Fairybell® has a high sustainable solution: you can re-use them each year and no trees are cut down. Let your Christmas twinkle with Fairybell®!

Don't have your own flagpole? No problem!
You don’t have your own flagpole? In that case you should opt for one of the Fairybell® trees of up to 6 metres. These come with their own mast and ground peg. If you prefer a larger model, we can provide a 6, 7 or 8-metre sectional aluminium flagpole for the 6, 7 and 8 metre Fairybell®s. Using a ground sleeve, you can stack the sections to build a very stable flagpole wherever you want (and you can even use it for a flag!). If you are looking for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere for outdoors, we suggest you go for Fairybell® Christmas lighting.

Since 2018
The Fairybell® collection has been manufactured completely in the Netherlands since 2018. After many years of development work, a semi-automated production line was constructed, enabling the manufacture of the trees to return to the region where it all started for Fairybell®. All Fairybell® models have been renewed and updated for an improved user experience and life. Due to improved European quality control and controlled production process, we are able to offer a 3-year warranty on all Made in Holland Fairybell® models. 

The Fairybell® collection
The Fairybell® collection consist of:

Below you will find video instructions of the Fairybell® bestsellers.

Fairybell® Christmas trees 
Unique Christmas trees for every garden that can be placed anywhere, creating a wonderful effect. Thanks to the included mast, each tree is solid as a rock, spreading the holiday spirit within minutes. 

Fairybell® Christmas trees for flagpoles
Raise your Christmas tree just as easily as you raise a flag. It only takes 30 minutes to create a 6, 7, 8 or even 10-metre high Christmas tree, utilising up to 4000 LED lights.

Fairybell® All-Surface Christmas Trees:
The Fairybell® 'All-Surface' collection consists of 3 different models with the heights 150cm, 200cm and 300cm, available in warm white & warm white twinkle. The All-Surface tree is easy to place on a hard surface such as a balcony or (roof) terrace.

Fairybell® Wall Christmas Trees
Put up a beautiful Christmas tree on your façade, fence, or business premises. Ranging from 2 up to 8 metres! Installation complete within minutes. Watch video below. 

Fairybell® Door Christmas trees
Decorate your door in a few minutes with this magnificent Fairybell® Door Christmas tree. Thanks to clever positioning of the LED lights it creates a beautiful Christmas tree shape on your door, with as many as 120 lights!