Tips for untangling your Fairybell Christmas tree

Tips for untangling your Fairybell® Christmas tree

Oh dear, your Fairybell® Christmas tree is tangled... It happens! Fortunately, there's a guide that helps you step by step to get the Fairybell® back into its original shape and condition. You can achieve this in just three simple steps. In this blog, you'll read exactly how to do it.

Where to start?

The larger the Fairybell®, the more cords and lights there are. But with the right steps, you can easily untangle any Christmas tree decoration, whether it's a 3-meter LED Christmas tree or a 10-meter flagpole Christmas tree. To untangle your Fairybell® Christmas tree, it's best to lay it on the ground.

Note: Do not detach the LED lights from the fabric straps and do not open all the snap buttons between the straps.

Step 1

The first step in unknotting your Fairybell® Christmas lights is to start with the hook. This is the top of the tree. Hook it securely into the ground so that it is well anchored. Now lay the straps (with the lights) in a straight line, starting from the top (hook) all the way to the bottom "plugs."

Step 2

Go to the hook at the top and take the rightmost and leftmost straps in your hands. These are the straps you normally use to close your Fairybell® to make it round. Now, gently pull them (simultaneously) outward so that the Fairybell® lies flat on the ground in a fan shape.

Extra tip: It's easiest to do this with two people. One person can stand on the right side with the outermost strap, and the other on the left side with the left outermost strap.

Step 3

Work from the top all the way down to the bottom of the straps. Make sure that you take the outermost straps on both sides and continue to gently pull and fan out. If the straps or the light cord remain tangled, shaking them helps to untangle them more easily.

Storing your Fairybell® Christmas tree

Once you've successfully untangled it, it's time to pack the tree neatly so that you can start next year with a tidy Fairybell®.

Start by tying cords to secure the straps with lights. This keeps everything in place. Before putting the tree in the box, remove the intermediate cable first. Hold onto the top hook and let the lower part (the plugs and straps) sink into the box first. Finish with the hook; it goes in last. After this, you can safely store your Fairybell®. If you haven't kept your box, you can also purchase our handy storage bag, suitable for all trees.

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