Christmas trees for flagpoles

Raise your Christmas flagpole tree just as easily as you raise a flag. It only takes 30 minutes to create a 6, 8, 10 or even 12-metre high Christmas tree, utilising up to 8000 LED lights

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Christmas tree flagpole

Do you have a garden with a flagpole or do you have a lot of space in your garden for Christmas decorations? Then opt for a Christmas tree flagpole. With a Christmas tree flagpole you can decorate your current flagpole with the most beautiful lighting. We also have a wonderful product for those who do not have a flagpole in their garden: a glowing Christmas tree with a pole. Wonderful as a decoration in your garden.

Christmas tree flagpole collection

Do you have a flagpole in your garden? Then choose from our collection of flagpole Christmas trees. We already have Christmas tree flagpole lighting from 600 cm in our range. So you can realize a Christmas tree on a flagpole. Even if you don't have a flagpole in your garden, you can still put such a beautifully lit Christmas tree in your garden. With the Fairybell Christmas trees with mast you can set up a Christmas tree with a height of 200 cm, 300 cm and 400 cm in your garden. These products are supplied with a black powder-coated aluminum pole and a ground socket as standard. So you can set up the mast anywhere. They are also very robust, so you don't have to worry if it's very windy outside.

High quality

Would you like to buy a flagpole Christmas tree? At Fairybell you will only find the best quality Christmas lights. We think it's important that everyone is satisfied with our products. And not just now, but also in 5 years. To guarantee quality, you always receive a 3-year guarantee on your purchase. This gives you the certainty that you will be able to enjoy a beautifully lit garden over several Christmas seasons.


When you buy Christmas tree flagpole lighting, you get a complete package with all the necessary materials to decorate your flagpole or garden. For example, a flagpole tree, a connection cable, pegs, a transformer and an orange-colored marking tape. In addition to these standard products, you can also order additional accessories from us. For example, think of a 10 meter extension cord and a timer.